About us

About us

Skjern Paper A/S

Welcome to Skjern Paper, and welcome to the only paper mill in Denmark. We are proud to have developed the paper mill into a modern, sustainable and efficient company, adapting constantly to shifting market conditions.

Skjern Paper was established in 1965 when a group of entrepreneurial businessmen wanted to boost growth and activity in the region. The location in Skjern and the easy access to process water from the River of Skjern created the idea to acquire a paper machine abroad. Thanks to local funding and area development subsidies a paper machine was purchased and transported to Skjern on more than one hundred railway wagons.

The idea of the founders was to manufacture paper exclusively from old newspapers. They succeeded in starting production in 1967. The basic idea is still alive today, where Skjern Paper manufac­tures sustainable quality products from 100% recycled paper. Evidently, Skjern Paper was ahead of its time.

Throughout the years Skjern Paper has had a number of different owners; since 2005 Skjern Paper has been owned by Buur Invest A/S and executives engaged in the daily operation and the local community. Today, Skjern Paper is a consolidated company with focus on the manufacture of quality products for the European packaging and paper industries. Considerable funds are invested continu­ally to develop an even greener and more sustainable production.

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Skjern Paper is located centrally in West Jutland about 125 km from the German border, 50 km from the European motorway network, 60 km from sea transport via Esbjerg. This location makes it possible to deliver within 24 hours in most of Europe.

High quality, flexibility and just-in-time deliveries actually constitute some of the basic elements of Skjern Paper customer service policy, supported by optimally working logistics and in close co-operation with carriers.


UN Global Compact and social responsibility

Skjern Paper has been a member of the UN Global Compact and its Nordic network since 2013. By that we have committed to acting socially responsible with offset in a number of basic principles about human rights, workers’ rights, environment, and anti-corruption. Our continuous efforts towards improving the working environment, optimising our energy consumption, and assuming our social responsibility reflect in the best possible manner the UN Global Compact principles.

At Skjern Paper we acknowledge our social responsibility. We are very aware of this social responsibility and materialise it by, among others, inviting small local companies to participate in our tenders; we organize visits from associations and schools; and we support a number of charities in the local community. In addition, we are a partner company with Green Network, where we share knowledge, participate in CSR seminars, etc.

Skjern Paper is a major workplace in the local community employing around 75 people.