Skjern Paper is an environmentally optimized, energy friendly, and social responsible company which should be considered as one of the most sustainable paper mills in the world. Focused efforts over many years with ambitious objectives have led to substantial improvements.

Skjern Paper Sustainability Report 2021

UN Global Goals

Skjern Paper complies with a number of the UN Global Goals for sustainable development, but we would like to highlight two Global Goals that are of high importance to us:

7. Sustainable energy

By supplying waste heat to Skjern’s households we contribute to ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Our own boiler plant uses as large a share of biofuels (wood chips) as possible, thereby contributing to the green transition.

12. Responsible consumption and production

Being a recycler, Skjern Paper contributes substantially to responsible consumption and production. By gradually increasing the production capacity and reducing waste we comply with this requirement.

By recovering almost all waste and bring­ing bio-bottom ash from our wood chip boiler back to the woods we contribute to a responsible management of waste in the entire life cycle.